Additional programs

More info about the programs available:
by phone: +385 (0) 98 185 59 12
or by e-mail:

Programs and workshops during the year


  • Rudarska greblica tasting - prepare and taste the most famous mining cake in the world
  • Water mill Pukšar tour – mill has been declared a protected cultural heritage in 2013, and will be in function as of November 2016.  
  • Tour of St. Barbara church in Rude and St. Leonard church in Kotari
  • Bakery workshop  - preparation of greblica and baking of cakes in a bread oven
  • Tour of the fire station with firefighting stories and presentations
  • Tour of the forest with a hunter with hunting stories
  • Bee-keeping stories with a bee-keeper, tasting of honey, beeswax, propolis
  • making of traditional toys - slings, fifes
  • Dexterity games for the youngest – games with various props (eggs, baskets, …)
  • Let's play with balloons! -  making of flower-pots, balloon games, experiments with balloons, etc.
  • Nature and us - making of bracelets, crowns and pictures from natural materials
  • Folklore workshops - folk costumes dress-up and learning of folk dances
  • Tamburitza workshops - 5 days' workshops
  • Musical workshops - instrument-making
  • Theme plays for children - opis
  • Magician show and magic tricks workshop
  • Folklore program by the Mine - 30 min program with performers in folk costumes
  • Sports workshops
  • Science workshops  

Gastro Rude


  • Lunch by the Mine (catering) or lunch at the country farm
  • Tasting of "Rudarska greblica"



  • Birthday parties
  • Camping - tents, campfires; campfire corn, chestnuts, sausages

Theme events - depending on the season or the occasion


  • St. Martin's day by the Mine – christening of young wine, duration 45 minutes
  • Chestnut fest by the Mine with young wine (for adults) or hot tea (for children)
  • Autumn workshops - workshops with jack-o'-lanterns, scarecrows, chestnuts, grapes, corn etc.
  • Advent workshops - making of Christmas tree ornaments, cards, flower arrangements, Advent calendars
  • Advent tour of Rude - lamplight tours of the church and chapels with singing of Christmas carols
  • Making of carnival masks and carnival program with doughnuts
  • Valentine's day - love poetry, making of jewellery, quotations, decorations, candles
  • Easter events - games, making of animals, painting of eggs, Easter customs
  • World water day – The Way of Water – tour of mining springs
  • Santa at the Mine - with Christmas gifts